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Post  xiaofeifei on Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:43 pm

Who hasn't heard of the Wii? The game console that people are just waiting to get their hands on.runescape , The Wii is being used in all phases of society from family homes, sporting centers, and even senior money , The way the Wii is played encourages physical activity that appeals to all generations.runescape gold , Generations are coming together over the versatility and playability of the Wii system.rift gold , Just about everyone, no matter what their age, is able to find a Wii activity to enjoy.

Nintendo truly deserves to be congratulated for their creation of the Wii. Game consoles have been around for years serving as a means of entertainment for families. Throughout the years, the game systems get bigger and better with visual effects that seem real to life. However, until the Wii most video game consoles were used in primarily the same way, with a joystick in your hands. You sat in your comfortable chair and used your controller to play the games you enjoyed. This inactivity was definitely a contributing factor to weight gain. The Wii brought about a shift to this style of gaming and developed a solution to the normal inactivity associated with gaming. With interactive games, the Wii has come up with an answer to the sedentary days of video game playing.

So how does the Wii do this? The Wii gaming system has come up with a specialized controller that lets you act out the actions in a game. Image you are at a bowling alley enjoying a game of bowling. With the Wii, you can do the same thing in your own home. Bowling on the Wii requires that you move your legs and arms in the same fashion that you would if you were actually bowling. Once you go through your approach and release motions, you watch as the ball rolls down the alley on your television screen and hits the pins at the end of the lane, unless of course you're thrown a gutter ball. The interactive play of the Wii encourages you to keep fit and it adds an element of fun and excitement to the gaming world that was missing.

Does this mean that all Wii games require physical activity? No, the Wii system does have several games that are just like most other gaming consoles that require you to sit in your favorite place and play without much body movement at all, as you just have to work the controller. The games that Wii has designed with activity and fitness in mind include games such as Wii Fit, golf, tennis, and bowling. This gaming flexibility also adds to the appeal of the Wii system for many people and generations because there are activity options for every gaming interest level.

The Wii is a great alternative for those that enjoy gaming, but also want to be more health conscious. Studies have shown that playing a game of tennis on the Wii console can burn 100 calories in a 30 minute period. You can be sure that you won't be burning that many calories just sitting on your couch with a controller in your hand.

When thinking about the obesity problem plaguing our nation, the Wii is a gaming option that helps to encourage physical activity. Children that enjoy staying indoors and playing games can now do so while getting some exercise. An intense 30-45 minute game of interactive Wii play can be comparable to the 30 minutes of exercise recommended by experts to impact your fitness. The Wii system is a great alternative to the other sedentary based systems. What could be better than being able to participate in something you like while at the same time being a bit more fit while doing it?


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